With water like glass, your two lake swim will be FAST!

​It​’s a two lap​ 950m swim at​ “Lago Del Ray Grande”. ​Exit the water after lap 1 and dip again for your second lap. Spectators and family will love this hot and spicy swim course as its pathway offers great vantage points along the swim and sprint to transition.

Challenge Camsur FAST SWIM Advantage:

​​Color coded seeded waves will be based on projected swim times and give you a clearer path than swimming through jams at the beginning of the course.




After the FAST SWIM, athletes will make a quick exit out of CWC Wake Park and blaze towards the scenic vistas of Mount Iriga and Mount Isarog. Much of this hot and spicy bike course road surface is newly paved or incredibly smooth.

Flat as a pancake and with breath taking scenery along the way, the Pan-Philippine Highway will lead athletes towards Mount Iriga, passing by Lake Baao in the distance. The City of Iriga will be a celebration of the masses, all for you, giving you the warmest welcome any triathlete could possibly imagine. Vibrant and loud, it’s going to be a fiesta! This is what racing in Camarines Sur is all about.

After the “Celebration Loop” through the City of Irigia, athletes will head towards the historic setting of Mount Isarog where Filipino troops persevered through the tough war conditions of WWII’s Japanese Occupation. Mount Isarog will be the backdrop of your course as you blaze towards the town of Ocampo. To dice things up and add even more spice to the mix, we have added a Challenge Fast Time Bonus after the Ocampo U-Turn as athletes crank it back to CWC.

Challenge Camsur FAST BIKE Advantage:

Flat, smooth and inspirational, this is a truly fast course. In 90 kilometers there are only 23 meters of elevation gain with the highest point at 51 meters so bring on the big gears and put the hammer down!






Everyone loves unlimited rice!

An out and back run course on a flat road in between villages, cheering children and rice fields – welcome to Unlimited Rice Avenue!

Athletes have had a great swim, a fast bike and now its time to lay it out and push to the finish. Recharge your mind and spirit as you run through streets lined with cheering school kids, local province flavor, spicy fiestas and the flat rice field along the road of Minalabac. Cooling and feed stations along the way will make this course a great way to end a FAST day! Pick up some merienda along the way as local fiesta delicacies stock the feed stations alongside our special signature Yellow Cab Pizza Aid Stations. The finishing stretch cuts through CWC to an epic finish line that takes you back to where it all began.

Challenge Camsur FAST RUN Advantage:

Cheering kids, fiestas and Camsur’s hot, spicy and welcome people along with a flat and fast mix surface gives your legs a break and your mind the juice you need to keep going! The strategic cooling and feed stations will reward all your efforts and make this day one for the books.